How Adversity Helps Us in Life

    How Adversity Helps Us in Life

Sharing the below info as part of my learnings from reading the book:

Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life! – By Jeff Keller

Seven ways in which adversity can help us::

1. Adversity gives us perspective.

          We are able rise above the petty annoyances of daily living and focus our attention on truly important things in life. It shows us the other side of the coin which helps us see the whole picture of the scenario.

2. Adversity teaches us to be grateful.

          When you have no hot water, we suddenly value hot water. We are always moving in the direction of our dominant thoughts; therefore, concentrating on what we have to be grateful for brings even more good things in our life. 

3. Adversity brings out our hidden potential.

          After surviving a difficult ordeal or overcoming an obstacle, we emerge emotionally stronger. When the next hurdle appears, we are in a better position to face and handle it. Problems and challenges bring out the best within us – we discover abilities we never knew we possessed. 


4. Adversity encourages us to make changes and take action.

          It often takes a crisis like situation to motivate us to take a decision and make adjustments to our current thought process and decision making. Problems are just road blocks for letting us know that we need to take a corrective action to keep moving ahead.

5. Adversity teaches us valuable lessons.

          An entrepreneur can learn something that enables him/her to be able to succeed on the next venture by learning from a failed business venture.

6. Adversity opens a new door.

          In these types of cases, the problem is not a problem, but an opportunity in disguise. You lose your job to find a better one. One door in your life has been shut, but there is a better one waiting to be open.

7. Adversity builds confidence and self esteem.

          When we muster all our courage and determination to overcome an obstacle, we feel more competent and gain confidence. We have a greater feeling of self worth and we carry these positive feelings into subsequent activities. 

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