Complaining works against us in three ways…

    Complaining works against us in three ways…

Sharing the below info as part of my learnings from reading the book:

Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude … Change Your Life! – By Jeff Keller

Three ways in which complaining works against us:

1. No one feels happy to hear negative news.

          Since the negative news invokes something that is not pleasant, no one wants to hear negative news. Although it may be important to you like your illness or your financial, career, family problems etc.

2. Complaining reinforces own pain.

          When you complain, it reinforces your own pain and feeling of discomfort. It plays and reminds you more about negative emotions and memories.  The same bad thing that happened, plays over and over again in your mind too as you keep repeating about to other people.

3. It is not helping anybody.

          Complaining, by itself does not help. It accomplishes nothing but diverts the attention from taking constructive actions you could have taken to improve the situation. 

Its been said that, 90 percent of the people don’t care about your problems…and the other 10 percent are glad that you have them!

It would be better if we bring a set of solutions (options) that we think along with the problems that we bring to the table. It will help brainstorm over the available options from all different perspectives (as many different people see the solution from their perspective).



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