Sun. May 3rd, 2020

Jigar Balani

My Thoughts on Better Living

About Me

With over a decade of professional experience in IT career, I have just started with Blogging and I believe in sharing knowledge makes collective wisdom. I try to keep learning from different teachers from all walks of life, tries to absorb the maximum I can and share the same with whom I feel can get benefited from it.

Many a times you might not know how the other person might use the info that you share, many a times you might not know if at all this info might help the other person. But still it feels like sharing the info rather than keeping it to ourself (its not a secret anyways).

Jigar is family oriented person at heart with interest in varied subjects but gung-ho about points for better living.

Currently working on multiple small projects and intends to reach out to the right audience for maximum impact of the content by creating a ton of value!

You can also contact me via the below contact form:


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